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In this episode, Mario Aquino (@marioaquino) interviews four people about diversity:

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In this episode roving correspondent Mario Aquino (@marioaquino) interviews Ola Bini (@olabini) at the Ruby Midwest conference in Kansas City.  Ola has a long history with JRuby and other open source projects and has worked on his own languages Ioke and Seph as well.

News and upcoming events:

  • New videos from Strange Loop 2011 are being released every week at InfoQ and all Strange Loop 2011 slides are available in GitHub.
  • Clojure/West (@clojurewest) is a new Clojure conference on west coast from the creator of Strange Loop.  Clojure/West will take place March 16-17th, 2012 in San Jose, CA.
  • Strange Loop 2012 (@strangeloop_stl) is currently in the early planning stages and will tentatively take place in downtown St. Louis from Sept 23-25th.  Save the date!  
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In this episode Alex Miller (@puredanger) interviews Stuart Sierra (@stuartsierra), Aaron Bedra (@abedra), and Chris Redinger (@redinger).  Stuart, Aaron, and Chris all work for Relevance and with Clojure/core on the evolution of Clojure and ClojureScript.  Stuart and Aaron are presenting Clojure workshops at Strange Loop 2011.  

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In episode #4, Heath Borders (@heathborders) interviews Michael Galpin (@michaelg) from Bump Technologies about Android and mobile development in general.  Heath is speaking about testing iOS and Michael is delivering the Intermediate Android workshop (spots still available!).

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In episode #3, Ken Sipe (@kensipe) interviews Andrey Breslav (@abreslav) from JetBrains about the new JVM language, Kotlin.  Both Ken and Andrey will be speaking at Strange Loop in September.  

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The Strange Loop conference is now sold out!  If you're already attending Strange Loop, there are still a number of open workshop seats - log into the registration site to change or add a workshop.

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In episode #2, Mario Aquino (@marioaquino) interviews Blake Mizerany (@bmizerany) and Noah Zoschke (@nzoschke) from Heroku.  Blake and Noah will be speaking at the Strange Loop conference in September.  

Mario talked to Blake and Noah about their talks at Strange Loop and recent news from Heroku about supporting Node.js and Clojure apps and hiring Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby.

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If you're interested in attending Strange Loop (St. Louis, Sept 18-20, 2011), register soon!  Tickets are going fast and less than 140 tickets remain.

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Welcome to the first Strange Loop podcast! 


Intro and outro music is:

Quittin' Time (Patrick Lee) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
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